Standard Samsung Galaxy S5 Case

Matte Finish

Amazing resolution at a fantastic price – Our

Samsung Galaxy S5 Standard polymer matte

case offers you the same incredible image

quality as our premium cases but at a super

competitive price.  Still nothing to crack, fade

or peel, the Standard case uses the same

thermal dye transfer as our premium cases.

Premium Samsung Galaxy S5 Sleek Case

Glossy Finish

The Sleek Case for the Galaxy S5 is an ultra-thin,

super-tough polymer shell that fits tight to your

Galaxy S5. It won’t slip off, crack, fade or peel.

While not designed for maximum shock

absorption, the Sleek case for your Galaxy S5

provides an extra layer of protection against

scratches. The wrap of the case provides a

small but vital raised edge to reduce damage

to your screen when placed face down on a

smooth surface. Sleek Cases for the Galaxy

S5 are fully customizable with your photos,

graphics or patterns.